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There is nothing more wondrous than the process of growing a fruit, taking it from its raw form, sending it through a process, and creating an exemplary product in return. West Hanover Winery in West Hanover, PA takes exceptional care and pride in performing this task from start to finish. We have hundreds of acres of grapes growing in the cool Pennsylvania climate; each row with its own unique characteristics and taste. It is our job to take this exceptional product and turn it into an even greater sensory experience.

When you take one of our wine tours you will be front row to the entire wine production process. Not only will you experience the miracle of life and growth first hand through the grape growing process, you will learn about the art of creating alcoholic spirits from these fine fruits. Finally, of course, you be able to sample dozens of these wines in order to find which one suits your taste best. With our help you will come to appreciate wine on a level you never knew was possible.

Everyone has a slightly unique palate which interprets bitters, sweets, aromas, and fragrances differently from one person to the next. It is our job and passion to help find the wine that best reflects you. From our hundreds of varieties, whether aged, oaked, or fresh, we know we will find a product you will absolutely love. Wine tours at West Hanover Winery are always a fun and informative occasion. Let us show you our collection and our knowledge.

For the best wine tours in West Hanover, PA, there is no better place to go than West Hanover Winery. Reach out to one of our directors and arrange a trip for you and your friends.

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