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From the seed to the finished and packaged case, at West Hanover Winery we handle the wine making process from beginning to end. Even before the first seeds are sown, our experts are inspecting the fields, checking for light coverage, soil pH levels, ground moisture, while also taking other proprietary steps to ensure quality. At West Hanover Winery we have been refining our wine production process for decades. We are proud to say that there is no greater winery in the West Hanover, PA region than our own.

We not only love wine, we love making it taste, look, and smell amazing. If we were only interested in profit then we would not be in this business. It is not easy to make amazing wines. It requires laborious examination and reexamination of the methods and processes that are involved. We are constantly seeking to refine the product our winery produces. From seedling, to tasting, bottling, and final distribution, we are constantly working to improve overall quality and prices.

At West Hanover Winery we provide more than just the common winery experience. In order to share our passion with you directly we offer tours and tastings at our facility. It is our pride and honor to have others enjoy our wines. When you come to West Hanover, PA make it a priority to visit us. We promise to both inform and delight you with our knowledge and products. Let us give you the full service treatment. Our guests mean everything to us. If guest service matters to you then come put our team to the test.

Our staff is standing by to schedule an appointment with you. Make your next winery excursion to West Hanover Winery, the most splendid place on earth.

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